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The Most Water-Intensive Crops and Meat

It can be hard to visualize the amount of water it takes to produce a single pound of almonds or the meat used to make a cheeseburger.   Every food product goes through a long life cycle before ending up on grocery store shelves. Livestock products start at the farms that grow alfalfa, hay, and […]

Expert Guide to Preventing Foodborne Illness in Restaurant

Food is one of the most important things that we all need to stay alive, but if you don’t handle food safely, it can also carry germs that can be dangerous to your health. Bacteria like E. coli and salmonella love to live on food, and if we eat them, we can get sick or […]

Canada Small Business Financing Program (CSBFP)

The Canada Small Business Financing Program (CSBFP) is a vital initiative for entrepreneurs nationwide, offering a lifeline to those seeking financial backing. This program partners with financial institutions to provide small business loans, which are instrumental in the startup, expansion, and modernization of Canadian small businesses.    By reducing the risk for lenders and simplifying […]

A Closer Look at Franchise vs. Independent Restaurants

  The Canadian restaurant industry has been thriving for decades. According to Mordor Intelligence, its value will reach $76.94 billion in 2023 and hit the $261 billion mark by 2029. It’s a perfect time to start a restaurant business and grab your piece of this massive financial pie.   However, which business model should you […]

Tips to Secure Financing for Your Restaurant Purchase

Becoming a restaurant owner comes with numerous challenges, including purchasing a property. You may require more restaurant funding sources, personal assets, or cash advances to support your business dreams. In such situations, you should seek additional financing options to purchase a restaurant and begin your business journey.   However, restaurant loans and other financing options […]

Understanding Business Structures for Your Restaurant

Once you create a business plan for your restaurant, you must choose a suitable business formation. Your business structure will affect your legal and financial responsibilities, including how you operate your company and pay taxes.   The restaurant business structures Canada supports include a sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation (S and C corporations), and cooperative.    […]

Successfully Closing the Sale of Your Restaurant

Are you planning to sell your restaurant business? If you are, this guide can help you put your business up for sale to negotiate the best-selling price according to a fair market value. Though finding a prospective buyer and completing restaurant sales isn’t as tough as owning a restaurant, the selling process can be quite […]

The Ultimate Resource Guide for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

When you graduate from school, a world of career possibilities awaits you, most of which require you to work for someone else, at least at first. But entrepreneurship offers another option for those with the ingenuity and the drive to pursue it. Entrepreneurs are people who see a need for a product or service that […]

A Guide to Assistance for Small-Business Owners

If you already run or are thinking of starting a small business, you’re far from alone. In fact, the vast majority of businesses operating in America today are small businesses, so there are millions of people out there just like you, people who have dealt with the same struggles and had the same questions as […]

A Guide to Business Operations Management

Effective business operations management is the single biggest factor in a company’s success. It includes oversight and optimization of everything the business does, from purchasing raw materials to ensuring that the company can meet customer demand for high-quality, fairly priced goods. Through strategic use of resources, operations managers can navigate the market’s ups and downs […]

Business Studies: Franchising Operations and Business Models

Franchising is a very popular business model that solves problems for both the franchisor and the franchisee. For entrepreneurs who don’t have a firm plan for their own business in mind, owning a franchise gives them a business to run that’s already been planned out for them.   For franchisors, franchising their business allows them […]

Glossary of Green Business Terms

As our knowledge of sustainable business practices and our ability to implement them expand, so, too, does the lexicon of green business. The technology surrounding how to make our businesses more eco-friendly continues to evolve, and as we invent new solutions to help reduce our impact on the environment, we also need to create new […]

Small banks emerge as the top source for small business financing

When it comes to borrowing money, small businesses are most likely to apply at large banks. But they often find success with their counterparts in the finance world: small banks.   Small banks—or those with less than $10 billion in total assets—comprise most of the banks in the U.S., much like small businesses account for […]

Mastering the Art of Menu Pricing Strategy

Whether you’ve been in the restaurant business for a while or you’re only starting, you must realize that the profit margins in this industry are notoriously low, at about 3–5% for a full-service restaurant and 6–9% for a quick-service restaurant, so every dollar counts.   So, how do restaurants stay profitable?   Successful restaurant businesses […]

Transitioning Ownership After Selling Your Restaurant

Making a restaurant sale transition can be overwhelming, especially when selling your own business for the first time. If you need assistance, we’re here to help. We will list everything you need to know to give your company new ownership and make a smooth transition. Make Sure Everything in the Sale Agreement Is Carried Out […]

Negotiating the Best Deal When Selling Your Restaurant

Whether you’re trying to sell your restaurant because you want to make a profit or because your business is not going well, the negotiation process is one of the crucial steps in selling a restaurant. Considering sale negotiations can be intense and tiresome, here are 11 tips for getting the maximum selling price for your […]

How to Attract Potential Buyers for Your Restaurant

If you decide to sell your restaurant business, you aim to attract as many potential buyers as possible. Even though this is a straightforward process, many people don’t know where to start and what they can do to speed up the sale of their business. This guide will discuss the best practices for attracting buyers […]

Appraising Your Restaurant for Resale

If you’re considering selling your restaurant business, you should determine the value and make a reasonable offer before you create a listing. Today, we’ll discuss how you can perform the valuation process, its importance, and how to prepare for the sale. The Importance of a Thorough Restaurant Business Valuation Appraising your restaurant before putting it […]

Building a Restaurant Exit Strategy

Running your own restaurant is an exciting adventure, but whether you’re enjoying it or not, the harsh reality is that it’s bound to end at some point. You could be preparing for your retirement, moving on to other endeavours, or simply trying to cut your losses. Whatever the case, you’ll find it much easier to […]

Restaurant Equipment Guide and Considerations

Opening a new restaurant business can be challenging, especially considering how many things you need to make your company run smoothly. From food to kitchen equipment, restaurant supplies, stock, dishes, and other essential elements, remembering these may be a pain in the neck. We have created a list of everything you need to get your […]

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