If you’re looking for an eCommerce business for sale, you might be on the right path to generating a lot of revenue. According to the latest eCommerce statistics, there are 2.14 billion global digital buyers in 2021. This number has been growing for years and will continue to do so, with online shopping becoming more convenient than going from store to store.

This paradigm shift in consumer behaviour wasn’t sudden, but the pandemic accelerated it significantly, compelling many businesses to focus on online channels as well. If you join the eCommerce world, you have an opportunity to get your piece of the pie and run a successful online business.

That’s because eCommerce websites have a huge growth potential. With an online store, you can reach a global audience, especially if you buy an established internet business with a fully-functional website. You can start making a profit from day one, as the business is already generating sales.

However, buying an established company, regardless of the industry or niche, comes with its set of challenges. You need to find out everything about its target market, products or services, suppliers, sales, monthly revenues, net profit margins, website traffic, and more. The more data you have, the smarter purchasing decision you’ll make.

FindBusinesses4Sale is here to help you find the right eCommerce business and make a data-driven decision. Let’s see how you can do it and what things to keep in mind.

How to Find a Good eCommerce Business for Sale

Finding a good eCommerce business for sale isn’t an easy feat. It requires a lot of time and effort, because it’s usually a significant investment. You need to do your due diligence to ensure you purchase an online business that checks all your boxes and helps turn your vision into a reality.

Searching through online and offline listings can take months, but the problem with most of them is that they’re incomplete. They contain only the basic information, leaving you to reach out to all the desired sellers to learn more about their business. That can be very time-consuming and frustrating.

That’s why we launched our free online marketplace. FindBusinesses4Sale exists to simplify the buying/selling process by providing information-packed listings and streamlining the communication between buyers and sellers.

We offer a host of features for browsing through the listings, filtering and sorting the search results, and gathering all the necessary details for making the right choice.

Our extensive online directory contains thousands of listings for businesses across industries and niches. Some of the most popular eCommerce business categories on the platform include:

  • Retail
  • Wholesale and distributors
  • Graphic design
  • Website design
  • IT and software services
  • Telecommunications
  • Training
  • Software and app companies
  • Dropshipping

Apart from categories, you can search by keywords, location, year of establishment, financial information (e.g. the price, annual gross revenue, and annual cash flow), and more. You can sort the listings by date, cash flow, asking price, and days elapsed since listing.

You can save your preferred search criteria and set email alerts for new listings that match those criteria. Once a certain listing catches your eye, we can connect you with the seller via our internal messaging centre and help you find out more about your desired eCommerce business for sale.

Things You Need to Know When Looking for an eCommerce Business for Sale

When looking to buy an established online business, you shouldn’t pick one after only looking into its sales, monthly revenues, and profit margins. Sure, you want a successful business that already has a large audience and generates a lot of sales and revenue. But what if you don’t have what it takes to continue to run it successfully?

That’s why you should take the time for some introspection. What are your key strengths? What are your weaknesses? Do you have any experience in, say, IT services? If you don’t have the skills to succeed in IT, then it may not be a good idea to invest in an IT business.

If IT, app development, and other software services are all Greek to you, then you might have better chances of success in retail or wholesale, which have an abundance of different niches to choose from.

Once you assess your skills, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and potential risks, you’ll know what industry and niche is the best fit for you.

The next order of business is to start the search, and there are some crucial things to keep in mind. Some of the most important questions to ask before signing on the dotted line include:

  • Why is the eCommerce business for sale?

Many business owners decide to sell because they want to switch to another industry or niche. Some do it because they want to retire, while others have exhausted all the options for turning their failing internet business into a profitable one.

There can be many other reasons for selling businesses, so it’s vital to know about them before transferring ownership. You wouldn’t want to invest in one that comes with a pile of issues that you may not be able to resolve.

  • Who would be your target customers?

The online store you’re looking to buy may sell only to domestic consumers. If you want to expand your reach globally, you’d have to make a lot of changes, such as finding international suppliers and developing new email, content, and social media marketing strategies.

So, look into the target market to understand what steps you’d need to take to promote your products or services, capture leads, ensure a high repeat customer rate, generate a positive cash flow, and run a lucrative business.

  • Who are the current employees?

If the online business comes with a team on board, you need to learn more about their skills and experience. Do they have what it takes to realize your vision? Is there room for more training? Are they working remotely? Is there a hybrid work from home model? What’s the company culture like?

Learning everything about the current employees will help you make the necessary preparations in advance and start working at full steam once you take over.

Ready to find an eCommerce business for sale and become your own boss? Register for free at FindBusinesses4Sale, join our growing community, and make your dream come true!

  • Who are the suppliers?

If you’re looking to buy an online store, you need to know where its inventory is coming from. Are the suppliers reliable? What are their fees? Are they local or international?

What’s the minimum order quantity? What’s a typical turnaround time after receiving an order? Is there a return policy? Are there any backup product suppliers in the store’s supply chain?

The more you know about the current suppliers, the better decision you’ll make. If everything but the suppliers ticks your boxes, you may need to find other suppliers, which could be time-consuming.

  • Are the profit margins good?

How much revenue and profit the business in question generates will help you decide if it’s the right fit for your needs. Dig deeper into its accounts, gross income, net income, gross and net profit, monthly revenues, and expenses to see if there are any red flags or excellent growth opportunities.

  • What’s the website like?

If you have some aces up your sleeve and want to turn around a failing business, low-profit margins may not be a deal-breaker. But if you want to start generating high revenue from day one, you’ll need to find a business with high profit margins and a long-term growth potential.

An eCommerce business must have a high-performing, professional, fully-functional website that grabs attention, converts leads into customers, and generates a consistent cash flow.

Find out if there’s any friction that makes website visitors bounce back. Did you know that slow-loading sites increase cart abandonment rates by 75%? Make sure the website is fast-loading, mobile-friendly, visually appealing, and easy to navigate so that it streamlines the users’ experience.

Find out where the traffic is coming from, how easy it is to make an order, what the checkout process is like, if the payment gateways are secure, and many other website design elements necessary for smooth online shopping.

If the website isn’t particularly effective, you might need to redesign it. After all, you’ll conduct all your business online, so you’ll need a perfect platform for capturing leads and generating high monthly revenues.

Why Choose an eCommerce Business

The eCommerce industry has been booming for the past two decades. People are looking for more convenience when buying products or services, and there’s no more convenient way to shop than online.

More and more consumers rely on their smartphones to find brands and purchase goods online, so you have an opportunity to be where they are and grab their attention. You can reach a global audience and become one of the big guns in eCommerce.

No matter what industry or niche you choose, your eCommerce business can be quite successful as long as you implement the right strategies, sell high-quality products, provide excellent customer service, and offer real value to consumers.

The pandemic has fuelled online shopping even more, so pretty much every internet business has a plethora of lucrative opportunities. That’s why many brick-and-mortar businesses are also embracing the eCommerce model to establish a presence where their target audience is.

Buying and Selling an eCommerce Business

Buying or selling businesses in eCommerce requires a lot of time because you need to gather all the relevant information for making an informed decision. Buyers need to dig into every aspect of the company they’re considering, while sellers must ensure their prospective buyers can provide the necessary finances.

It can be quite a cumbersome process, but that’s why we’re here. FindBusinesses4Sale can streamline and expedite the buying/selling process and help both parties satisfy their needs.

When buying an established eCommerce business, you should have a checklist to ensure you don’t leave a single stone unturned. If you write everything down, you won’t miss anything important, and you’ll be entirely stress-free once it’s time to close the deal and transfer ownership.

These are some of the essential items for your checklist:

  • Secure your financing
  • Analyze the company’s finances
  • Assess all business assets
  • Evaluate all business contracts, licenses, and permits
  • Assess the insurance policy
  • Check intellectual property
  • Get the list of employees and suppliers
  • Conduct market research
  • Perform a competitive analysis
  • Analyze the customer base
  • Review the tax records
  • Inspect business premises, if any

These are the most important things to check off your list, but there can be many other items, depending on your unique needs and requirements.

If this is your first time buying a business, it might be a good idea to hire an expert to help you make a smooth transition. A broker, an agency, or any other reliable professional will ensure you gather the necessary information and make the right purchasing decision.

Pros and Cons of an eCommerce Business

Running an eCommerce business has both advantages and disadvantages, although there are plenty more benefits than drawbacks. Take a look at all the pros and cons to determine if buying an eCommerce business is the right choice for you.


  • Generating revenue 24/7
  • Higher profit margins
  • Low overhead costs
  • Global reach
  • Processing a high number of orders
  • Seamless customer interactions
  • Personalized customer experiences
  • Capitalizing on impulse buying
  • Easy retargeting and remarketing
  • Easy access to customer and supply chain data for analysis
  • Quick and easy scalability
  • Huge growth potential
  • Organic business growth


  • A highly-competitive market
  • Customer service delays
  • Impatient customers
  • Lack of personal touch
  • Potential technical problems (e.g. website crashes)
  • Privacy and security risks (e.g. credit card fraud)
  • Challenging logistics (e.g. shipping)

Don’t let these disadvantages discourage you, because there are many tried-and-true solutions for each of them. If you take all the right steps, you’ll only enjoy the benefits, and none of these potential drawbacks will ever stand in your way.

Ready to find an eCommerce business for sale and become your own boss? Register for free at FindBusinesses4Sale, join our growing community, and make your dream come true!

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