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New Burger King Franchise locations for sale in Canada April 2024

Burger King is an iconic global fast-food restaurant brand known famously for the Whopper and the entertaining Burger King Mascot himself. Burger King has thousands of restaurants across North America. Canada specifically has played an important part in the success of the Burger King brand in recent years. Canadian Burger Kings have been known to introduce innovative menu items like the BK Veggie, a fire-grilled soya burger perfect as a vegetarian option. In addition to new products, Burger King Restaurants of Canada, Inc., has also launched innovative restaurant layout concepts, such as the two-story playground, making the already friendly dining environment even more inviting.

New Burger King Franchise locations for sale in Canada April 2024

Listings of New Burger King Franchise locations available

Sorry, there are no new location listings available at this time. Please contact the Franchisor or checkout listings of existing Franchises available for resale, below.

Invest in a New Burger King Franchisee Location

Becoming a Burger King franchisee partner is seen as a long-term dedication and as such Burger King is looking for partners who represent their values and understand their place in the fast-food market alongside what sets them apart from the rest. Currently, Burger King Canada is granting first-serve opportunities for multi-unit operators with partners who have extensive restaurant experience. From there, applicants are required to contact Burger King directly through their website or via email. Once the Burger King franchise team deems an applicant ready for starting a new Burger King location, they will schedule an interview for you to meet with the franchise team for further questions.

About Burger King franchisee brand

For more than 60+ years, The Burger King brand has provided every franchisee with innovation, achievements and a proven business model in order to succeed with the changing times. Burger King is a global name being recognized everywhere for its astute marketing and innovative forms of exposure. The burger King mascot has been featured in numerous commercials, movies, and even video games.

Equipped with an ever-evolving menu that includes items like The world-famous Whopper, chicken sandwiches, cheese poppers, sweets, and more Burger King is one of the forerunning candidates for anyone looking to open a Burger chain.

What qualifications does Burger King look for in a franchise applicant?

Burger King looks for candidates who are both financially prepared and aligned with the values that they hold.

The most important factor that Burger King looks for in candidates is previous experiences in a restaurant setting. if you have experience running another type of business including working with employees and customers, managing finances and leading teams, this will also greatly help in your evaluation. Burger King has a comprehensive training program that is necessary when it comes to starting a new franchise location and provides everything you would need to hit the ground running. Burger King's values partners who understand the process and outlines of the inner workings of their programs, and can follow their proven model on running a successful franchise.

If you happen to currently own a Burger King Domino's franchise, opening a second location becomes exponentially faster and easier.

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How much does it cost to become a Burger King franchisee?

Applicants require a minimum net worth of $325,000 and $100,000 of liquid cash. Typically, opening a Burger King location will cost an initial investment of $325,000 - $3,000,000, the price will vary greatly based on the location. The royalty fees are 4.5% of gross sales which is on the lower side of the industry. The franchise fee is calculated based on the location but will generally be between $15,000 to $50,000. In addition, there is an ad royalty fee of 4% on top of the ongoing royalty fees.

A full estimated breakdown of the costs can be seen below:

Name of Fee



Franchise Fee



Travel and Living Expenses while Training



Real Property/ Occupancy Charge



Civil & Architectural Drawings / Professional Fees



Zoning Expenses



Improvements / Construction









Decor Package



Signage & Drive-Thru



Pre-Opening Wages



Opening Inventory



Cash and Inventory Control System






Working Capital / Additional Funds



Business Licenses, Utility Deposits, Lease Deposits, and Payments



2-Story Interior Playground



Estimated Total*



Can I buy an existing Burger King franchisee?

Yes, although this could be limited to very few locations.You can find all available listings here:

Search New Burger King Franchise locations for Resale in Canada.