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With over 15 years of leadership in creative direction and art, Peter Mendez specializes in crafting compelling narratives that resonate with diverse audiences. His expertise is invaluable for commercial real estate buyers, providing them with innovative strategies to market and brand their properties effectively.

Background and expertise


Peter Mendez's extensive background, blending over 15 years of creative leadership with a proven track record at leading agencies like BBDO NY, KBS+, and Saatchi & Saatchi, has honed his skills in developing powerful campaigns for world-renowned brands. This rich experience is pivotal for those in the commercial real estate sector, as it equips him with a nuanced understanding of brand positioning and market dynamics.

His expertise in luxury brand design and sports branding and his ability to craft comprehensive digital strategies offer invaluable insights for commercial real estate investors aiming to market and elevate their properties in a competitive landscape effectively.


  • Sports branding
  • Luxury brand design
  • Significant contributions as a Content Architect, influencing corporate real estate solutions and innovative training programs.
  • Comprehensive digital creative strategies

Educational Background:

  • Highest degree obtained: Bachelor of Science
  • Field of study: Architecture
  • Institution name: The City College of New York


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