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Emma Rubin is a data journalist at Stacker, skilled in Python, Pandas, Adobe Illustrator, and Google Sheets. She covers various topics, including climate change, LGBTQ+ rights, and public health. Emma's data-driven storytelling focuses on translating complex data into understandable narratives.

Background and expertise


  • Data Journalism and Visualization
  • Climate and Environmental Reporting
  • Social Issues and Public Policy
  • Complex Data Analysis

Educational Background:

  • B.A. in Romance Languages and Culture, Minor in Journalism, Media, and Public Discourse from Mount Holyoke College

Content from Emma Rubin:

Emma Rubin Commenting on Mentoring:

I became a SAW Mentor because the center has been a huge resource for me and I want to help others in the way that many other mentors have helped me. My favorite thing about peer mentoring is seeing all of the amazing projects that Mount Holyoke students are working on. Even as a mentor, I feel I leave sessions having learned something new as well. The SAW Center is an amazing place to meet people from across the campus and learn from each other.


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