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10 Ingredients That Got Considerably More Expensive for Restaurants This Year

SMALL BUSINESSES IN CANADA   Browse an extensive list of businesses for sale in Canada and find your next opportunity to become your own boss and gain financial independence.   Everyone has felt the pain of inflation at the grocery store. For restaurant owners, whose bottom line is directly impacted by food costs and diners […]

The Most Water-Intensive Crops and Meat

It can be hard to visualize the amount of water it takes to produce a single pound of almonds or the meat used to make a cheeseburger.   Every food product goes through a long life cycle before ending up on grocery store shelves. Livestock products start at the farms that grow alfalfa, hay, and […]

The Ultimate Resource Guide for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

When you graduate from school, a world of career possibilities awaits you, most of which require you to work for someone else, at least at first. But entrepreneurship offers another option for those with the ingenuity and the drive to pursue it. Entrepreneurs are people who see a need for a product or service that […]

Small banks emerge as the top source for small business financing

When it comes to borrowing money, small businesses are most likely to apply at large banks. But they often find success with their counterparts in the finance world: small banks.   Small banks—or those with less than $10 billion in total assets—comprise most of the banks in the U.S., much like small businesses account for […]

Malls are closing across the country. These states are keeping them alive

Malls, once hubs for big chains and small retailers alike, are struggling. That is shifting the way entrepreneurs launch and run businesses.   According to a 2023 Jones Lang LaSalle report, mall vacancies are at their highest levels in the past 15 years, exacerbated by COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns, the proliferation of online shopping, and closures […]

Could Vertical Farming Change What Local Food Means?

Many Americans have become accustomed to plentifully stocked grocery stores, with uninterrupted access to their favourite fruits and vegetables year-round. People don’t often consider the interconnected web of capital making so much produce reliably available.   A global food supply chain sustains this bounty. As seasons shift, Americans rely on other states, and frequently other […]

States that Produce the Most Greenhouse Emissions from Agriculture

States that Produce the Most Greenhouse Emissions from Agriculture The modern world emits over 50 billion metric tonnes of greenhouse gases annually. From the gasoline that fuels cars to the fossil-fueled power plants that electrify homes, the industrialized economy drives a significant portion of emissions. However, one of the largest contributors to global greenhouse gas […]

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