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Todd Rammler, President and founder of Michigan CFO Associates, brings his financial expertise into commercial real estate. His proficiency in financial strategizing, backed by a CMA designation, is a key asset for readers looking to broaden their commercial property investments. His insights in his articles offer invaluable guidance in financial decision-making, crucial for those venturing into commercial real estate.

Background and expertise


With a 15-year track record in high-level financial management, particularly in revenue-rich industries, Todd Rammler’s experience is highly relevant for readers of commercial real estate content. His ability to simplify complex financial situations and his history of aiding business growth make his articles a rich resource for investors in commercial real estate, providing them with strategies and insights to navigate the market and make informed investment choices.


  • Financial management and reporting
  • Embezzlement identification and prevention
  • Business management and leadership

Educational Background:

  • MS in Accounting (cum laude)
  • BBA in Finance
  • Walsh College, Western Michigan University
  • Certified Management Accountant CMA®

In The Press:

  • Featured in The Detroit News
  • Voted one of Detroit’s Most Valuable Professionals, 2015 Corp! Magazine
  • Nominee for "CFO of the Year," Crain’s Detroit Business

Comments on Industry Trends:

  • Todd provides insightful commentary on the importance of clear financial data for strategic business growth.

Todd Rammler Commenting on Business Development:

A unique ability to boil down complicated financial data into a simplified, actionable form is key to business longevity and value growth.


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