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Operating a Restaurant

Marketing Your Restaurant to the Canadian Audience

Canadian tastes are changing – and, therefore, your restaurant marketing strategies must adapt, too. This highly multicultural country shows immense diversity across the landscape: from the urban taste-making centers of Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver to the more traditional regions of the northern provinces, marketing your restaurant to the Canadian audience hinges on your location, demographics, […]

Ensuring Food Safety and Quality in Your Restaurant

Food safety and quality control are paramount in the restaurant industry: you’re responsible for keeping both your employees and customers safe from foodborne diseases through rigorous hygiene practices and careful monitoring of food conditions. Consistently low-quality food can also seriously impact your reputation, consumers’ confidence in your offerings, and your overall business longevity. As such, […]

Building a Winning Team for Your Restaurant

Your staff members are the most valuable asset you have in building a successful restaurant business: a cohesive and dedicated team can make all the difference in whether you reach your company goals or find your business floundering after only a few years of operation. There are numerous challenges that a restaurant owner may face […]

The Financial Side of Running a Restaurant

Restaurant finances are a delicate balance: restaurant owners must provide high-quality food, pay their workers well, and deliver a top-notch dining experience while trying to save money and ensure great cash flow. Running a successful restaurant requires great skill in managing finances, but fortunately, it’s entirely possible to learn how. Today, we’ll discuss the financial […]

How to Start a Restaurant in Canada

Getting into the restaurant industry in Canada is a life-changing decision. However, making restaurant business plans will expose you to various challenges. Though acquiring a sole proprietorship over a food service may seem like a complex endeavour, you can solve all problems and tackle all challenges with some preparation. If you’re looking for an opportunity […]

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