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Operating a Restaurant

Expert Guide to Preventing Foodborne Illness in Restaurant

Food is one of the most important things that we all need to stay alive, but if you don’t handle food safely, it can also carry germs that can be dangerous to your health. Bacteria like E. coli and salmonella love to live on food, and if we eat them, we can get sick or […]

Understanding Business Structures for Your Restaurant

Once you create a business plan for your restaurant, you must choose a suitable business formation. Your business structure will affect your legal and financial responsibilities, including how you operate your company and pay taxes.   The restaurant business structures Canada supports include a sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation (S and C corporations), and cooperative.    […]

Mastering the Art of Menu Pricing Strategy

Whether you’ve been in the restaurant business for a while or you’re only starting, you must realize that the profit margins in this industry are notoriously low, at about 3–5% for a full-service restaurant and 6–9% for a quick-service restaurant, so every dollar counts.   So, how do restaurants stay profitable?   Successful restaurant businesses […]

Restaurant Equipment Guide and Considerations

Opening a new restaurant business can be challenging, especially considering how many things you need to make your company run smoothly. From food to kitchen equipment, restaurant supplies, stock, dishes, and other essential elements, remembering these may be a pain in the neck. We have created a list of everything you need to get your […]

The Role of Restaurant Interior Design in Attracting Customers

As a new restaurant owner, you’re likely aware of how important visual appeal is to guests. In many instances, how the food looks is just as important as how it tastes—depending on the specific customer, the appearance might be more important than the taste. This sentiment goes beyond just your food. Your restaurant’s appearance and […]

The Impact of Technology on Restaurant Operations in Canada

Improving restaurant processes can reduce costs and maximize profits, boosting your bottom line to fuel long-term business growth. It can enhance the guest experience, attracting more diners and compelling the most valuable customers to return.   Technology is the key to better operations. According to a recent consumer survey, 68% of Canadians like using technology […]

Licences and Permits Needed to Open a Restaurant in Canada

Food establishments in Canada can be quite lucrative, which makes launching such a business an attractive idea. If you think the same, you must wonder what licensing requirements you must meet to operate a restaurant, serve alcohol, comply with general health and safety rules, etc.   For food service businesses to operate legally in Canada, […]

Marketing Your Restaurant to the Canadian Audience

Canadian tastes are changing – and, therefore, your restaurant marketing strategies must adapt, too. This highly multicultural country shows immense diversity across the landscape: from the urban taste-making centers of Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver to the more traditional regions of the northern provinces, marketing your restaurant to the Canadian audience hinges on your location, demographics, […]

Ensuring Food Safety and Quality in Your Restaurant

Food safety and quality control are paramount in the restaurant industry: you’re responsible for keeping both your employees and customers safe from foodborne diseases through rigorous hygiene practices and careful monitoring of food conditions. Consistently low-quality food can also seriously impact your reputation, consumers’ confidence in your offerings, and your overall business longevity. As such, […]

Building a Winning Team for Your Restaurant

Your staff members are the most valuable asset you have in building a successful restaurant business: a cohesive and dedicated team can make all the difference in whether you reach your company goals or find your business floundering after only a few years of operation. There are numerous challenges that a restaurant owner may face […]

The Financial Side of Running a Restaurant

Restaurant finances are a delicate balance: restaurant owners must provide high-quality food, pay their workers well, and deliver a top-notch dining experience while trying to save money and ensure great cash flow. Running a successful restaurant requires great skill in managing finances, but fortunately, it’s entirely possible to learn how. Today, we’ll discuss the financial […]

How to Start a Restaurant in Canada

Getting into the restaurant industry in Canada is a life-changing decision. However, making restaurant business plans will expose you to various challenges. Though acquiring a sole proprietorship over a food service may seem like a complex endeavour, you can solve all problems and tackle all challenges with some preparation. If you’re looking for an opportunity […]

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