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His strategic mastery covers both commercial developments and business ventures. Whether plotting win-win investment strategies or spotting the latest commercial property and business market trends, Manoj has a sixth sense for the game.The long list of feathers in Manoj's cap includes Re/Max Hall of Fame inductee, Platinum and 100% Club Award winner. Known for his creative approach to commercial property developments and business ventures, Manoj often shares his insights on industry trends and the role of digital in commercial real estate and business marketing.When he's not brokering multi-million dollar commercial property and business transactions, you can find Manoj unwinding on the golf course or reviewing deals during his morning meditation routine. But with his passion for strategizing the next big commercial real estate and business move, rest is just a pause before getting back into the game.

Manojʼs background and expertise


  • Demonstrated career excellence in understanding Real Estate Market Trends and Property Investment Strategies.
  • Notable success in both residential and commercial property investments.


  • Proficient in Financial Planning in Real Estate and adept in Strategic Planning.
  • Leadership in Real Estate is marked by providing insightful Market Insight.
  • Experienced Subject Matter Expert

Manoj Kukreja on Real Estate Marketing:

"Delving into online marketing, we've achieved significant milestones, including over 360,00 website visitors and 15 million brand impressions on Google.”

Educational Background:

  • Business Administration
  • Field of study: Finance
  • Institution: Humber College

Content from Manoj Kukreja:

  • Articles focusing on Leadership in Real Estate, market trends, and digital marketing strategies.

In The Press:

  • Recipient of the Hall of Fame, Platinum, and 100% Club Award with Re/Max.
  • Acknowledged for his innovative approach to commercial property investments.

Comments on Industry Trends:

  • Regular insights on market developments and the role of digital marketing in real estate.


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